JAVA Course

32 lessons + practical exercises in Java

Aim of the course

This course is intended for beginners without prior knowledge of programming.

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basics of Java programming (Java Core programming) and object-oriented programming and to get them to the professional level of a Junior Java developer.

Lessons adapted to students' existing knowledge. We take an individual approach even in group work.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to create a dynamic Java application, with more functionalities, that relies on a database.

  • Enterpreneurs
    "I want to make a startup. I want to make a minimal product myself"
  • Starting professionals
    "I want to learn programming and get a job in an IT company."
  • Freelencers
    "I want to become a freelancer and work from anywhere."
  • Carreer builders

    "I want to get promoted faster at my current job."

  • Students
    "I need help with preparation for my school/university exam."
Course program
Course Prices
Become a Java professional!
The first 2 lessons are free, after that no cure no pay, pay as you go!
Coach and instructor
"I believe knowledge is there to be shared. I love to teach, coach, and help people learning new skills and getting new knowledge. My rich engineering experience and ability to simply explain complex techniques and tools make my courses extremely effective."
  • Vladimir Obradović
    Tech Coach; IT Consultant; Startup co-founder

    "4 months is a long enough period to build up experience, so once you land a job interview, there are stories to be told.

    I remember my first Java job. I have been practicing on my own Java for 8 months, daily, or to be more precise nightly next to my day job. I took 3 weeks' Holliday to prepare for an interview in a main stream company. It paid out, I landed a job as a medior Java Developer. Finally, I could play in the major League. From this time distance and experience stand point, I know what I could have done differently, more efficient, better. Anyway, the time spent on learning is not a waste. It is an investment. Now after 16 years of experience in leading IT companies, and after I have been interviewed more than 100 candidates, I know what is important, where to pay attention, how to achieve goals, and land a job. Check more about me on"

    • 16+ years in IT industry.
    • Prepared dozens of students for mathematics and IT exams.
    • After Vladimir's JAVA course students made a website for regional TV broadcaster.
    • 15+ years experience working with JAVA and complementary technologies.
    • 8 years experience in people and project management.
    • 7+ years working in agile software organisations.
    • 5 years of experience working with AI and ML.
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